Average Hourly Pay For Seasonal Workers

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The majority of stores employ seasonal workers – employees who work for a short period of time, usually the holiday season in November and December. These times of the year usually have a higher volume of customers, requiring a larger workforce to keep the companies functioning properly.

Here are some findings on the average hourly wage these employers are paying for seasonal workers:

  • Walmart $9.00
  • McDonalds $8.10
  • Yum! Brands (Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell) $8.00
  • UPS $10.50
  • Target $8.85
  • The Home Depot $9.50
  • Kroger $8.40

A seasonal worker may appear to make slightly more (or less) than an average worker, but there are other factors to consider in this position.

First, the worker is only hired for a certain period of time. They also typically have an irregular schedule during high-volume shopping times and typically do not get health or insurance benefits, although they may be eligible for overtime pay if asked to work over 40 hours in a work week. There is variation between seasonal workers in the same company also, this has to do with states with differing minimum wages — there is a wide variety of legal minimum wages from state-to-state so not every worker may make the same amount even in the same company. This may also artificially inflate the average pay rate to look higher than it really is for the majority of seasonal employees.

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