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Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes Made When Applying For Jobs

Here at Jobs Now, we see many job applications on a daily basis. The job market for part-time and casual work is very competitive (much more then for full time positions). A typical posting can attract hundreds of applicants and it is

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Holiday Seasonal Workers are in High Demand

Retailers are very optimistic about the 2016 holiday season. Their plans for hiring seasonal (temporary) workers are at an all-time high. From traditional retailing jobs like cashier or shop floor helpers to back office work and warehouse shipping fulfillment, there

Maybe a ‘Normal’ Job Isn’t So Bad

With the advent of apps and the introduction of the “gig” economy, less and less people are seeking “normal” jobs.  What is a normal job?  For the purpose of this article, let’s assume a normal job to be a scheduled,

Benefits of Moonlighting and Why You Should Consider a Second Job

By Codrin Arsene There was a time when having a second job was not really something to be proud of. It implied that your primary source of employment was not enough to keep you afloat that you had to take

The Advantages of the Hustler’s Mindset

One thing that isn’t often mentioned in the debate over the employment status of on-demand workers is one of the foundational elements of U.S. employment law: the default of at-will employment. Employment at-will means that an employer can dismiss an

Self-Driving Cars – The Elephant In The Room

There’s an elephant in the room when it comes to ridesharing that needs to be addressed and that elephant is the emergence of the self-driving car.   We know it’s coming.   Google, who seems to be leading the way

Shuddle Helps Parents Be Two Places At Once

UPDATE: Shuddle ceased operations in April 2016. Lyft and Uber are amazing services for getting most people from Point A to Point B, but not all. When we think of the passengers on these ridesharing services, we often forget about

Should Uber Workers be Tipped?

“There’s no need to tip” This statement from Uber’s help page has caused confusion for passengers and frustration for drivers, and is a serious point of contention for those that care about the future of work in the on-demand economy.