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25 Signs You Are a Veteran Rideshare Driver

Rideshare drivers come and go, but not you.  You’ve been in this since the beginning and you’re still around.  You’ve been through 300 different updates to the Uber app and you’re still going strong.  You’re a veteran in a field

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8 Reasons to Diversify Your Ridesharing Income

When you find a ridesharing platform that you like, it’s tempting to stick with it.  You build a relationship with Uber or whatever your favor network is.  If the money is good and you like the work, it’s hard to

How to Efficiently Test Out New On-Demand Networks

A rideshare driver’s life is filled with choices.  Think about it: how many jobs are there where you’ll make hundreds of decisions over the course of a few hours, and actually have those choices impact how much you earn?  This

The Advantages of the Hustler’s Mindset

One thing that isn’t often mentioned in the debate over the employment status of on-demand workers is one of the foundational elements of U.S. employment law: the default of at-will employment. Employment at-will means that an employer can dismiss an

Self-Driving Cars – The Elephant In The Room

There’s an elephant in the room when it comes to ridesharing that needs to be addressed and that elephant is the emergence of the self-driving car.   We know it’s coming.   Google, who seems to be leading the way

Lyft Goes International

When thinking about Lyft and Uber and which company will ultimately “win out” in the world of ridesharing, it’s hard not to consider the difference in international scale between the two companies.   Uber is available in 66 countries outside

Social Impact of Driving at Night for Lyft and Uber

Some Lyft and Uber drivers like working at night because the high demand leads to surge pricing and higher pay.  But there’s also a huge social benefit to those late night rides that drivers don’t often consider.   The reason

Why Drivers are Loving Lyft

There’s a battle going on between Uber and Lyft to decide which company can win out and become the ubiquitous ridesharing service.  Many have described it as a David versus Goliath matchup — Uber being the obvious Goliath, with over

Uber’s Destinations Feature Puts Drivers in Control

The sharing economy was initially thought of as an efficient way to share resources and avoid waste.  If you’re already driving downtown and someone else on your street is also going there, it only makes sense for you to drive

Competition Arises for Public Transportation and the Morning Commute

In San Francisco, there’s a boom.   More and more money is being invested into technology, which allows for more companies to be formed and more jobs to be created.  The influx of workers has caused the city to cram,

Should Rideshare Drivers Display Advertisements?

The promise of extra $3 an hour might not seem like much, but, if you’re a rideshare driver, it will certainly get your attention.  That extra money can really add up, and it’s not the only benefit being offered by