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Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes Made When Applying For Jobs

Here at Jobs Now, we see many job applications on a daily basis. The job market for part-time and casual work is very competitive (much more then for full time positions). A typical posting can attract hundreds of applicants and it is

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Want a Raise? Then Ask for One!

By Codrin Arsene It’s always been surprising to me how small is the number of people who negotiate for a salary increase. Care to take a guess at the magic number? 37% (source). Yup. That’s it. The wide majority of

How to Say No to Your Boss

By Codrin Arsene When can you say no to your boss? And how to do it! Here’s one thing employees are terrified to say: “boss, I can’t do that.” Well, you don’t need to use those exact words to get

5 Reasons Temp Jobs Can Be a Good Thing

By Codrin Arsene Taking on a temporary or contingent job may sound scary or less ideal because your employment has a clear expiration date. Guess what: as of last year, 40% of all workers in America have temporary jobs (source:

Why Employees Can’t Stand Millennials

By Codrin Arsene Anti-Millennial work bias: why employees can’t stand us and what we can do about it? Millennials account for more than 40% of the current US workforce and represent the highest percentage of active employees across all generations.

Benefits of Moonlighting and Why You Should Consider a Second Job

By Codrin Arsene There was a time when having a second job was not really something to be proud of. It implied that your primary source of employment was not enough to keep you afloat that you had to take

Becoming a Barista

Coffee has changed dramatically over the last couple decades, especially in major cities like San Francisco and New York.  Starbucks introduced us to espresso and milk based drinks.  Specialty coffee shops have taken these drinks to the next level, refining

8 Reasons to Diversify Your Ridesharing Income

When you find a ridesharing platform that you like, it’s tempting to stick with it.  You build a relationship with Uber or whatever your favor network is.  If the money is good and you like the work, it’s hard to

How to Efficiently Test Out New On-Demand Networks

A rideshare driver’s life is filled with choices.  Think about it: how many jobs are there where you’ll make hundreds of decisions over the course of a few hours, and actually have those choices impact how much you earn?  This

The Advantages of the Hustler’s Mindset

One thing that isn’t often mentioned in the debate over the employment status of on-demand workers is one of the foundational elements of U.S. employment law: the default of at-will employment. Employment at-will means that an employer can dismiss an

An Overview of On-demand Shipping Opportunities

We’ve talked before about the value of diversifying your sources of on-demand income, so you already know that you should work with multiple companies to earn more, take advantage of special offers, and keep things interesting.  You also know that