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25 Signs You Are a Veteran Rideshare Driver

Rideshare drivers come and go, but not you.  You’ve been in this since the beginning and you’re still around.  You’ve been through 300 different updates to the Uber app and you’re still going strong.  You’re a veteran in a field

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Uber vs. Walmart for Transition Workers

Just as Walmart and fast food companies have been criticized for how they treat employees in the past, Uber and other on-demand companies are constantly being slammed for how they treat their drivers.  Recently Uber has been defending their position

Should Uber Workers be Tipped?

“There’s no need to tip” This statement from Uber’s help page has caused confusion for passengers and frustration for drivers, and is a serious point of contention for those that care about the future of work in the on-demand economy.

Social Impact of Driving at Night for Lyft and Uber

Some Lyft and Uber drivers like working at night because the high demand leads to surge pricing and higher pay.  But there’s also a huge social benefit to those late night rides that drivers don’t often consider.   The reason

Uber Now Allows Drivers to Accept Ride Requests During Trips

Downtime between rides is a major problem for rideshare drivers.  You’re not making money.  You question whether you should stay still and save on gas or search for a better location.  All the while you’re bored and not making any

Why Drivers are Loving Lyft

There’s a battle going on between Uber and Lyft to decide which company can win out and become the ubiquitous ridesharing service.  Many have described it as a David versus Goliath matchup — Uber being the obvious Goliath, with over

Uber’s Destinations Feature Puts Drivers in Control

The sharing economy was initially thought of as an efficient way to share resources and avoid waste.  If you’re already driving downtown and someone else on your street is also going there, it only makes sense for you to drive

Competition Arises for Public Transportation and the Morning Commute

In San Francisco, there’s a boom.   More and more money is being invested into technology, which allows for more companies to be formed and more jobs to be created.  The influx of workers has caused the city to cram,

Should Rideshare Drivers Display Advertisements?

The promise of extra $3 an hour might not seem like much, but, if you’re a rideshare driver, it will certainly get your attention.  That extra money can really add up, and it’s not the only benefit being offered by

7 Reasons Why Lyft and Uber Drivers are Starting to Diversify

When you find something that works, it’s easy to simply stick to it and not consider the possibilities around you.   Many Lyft and Uber drivers out there find themselves in this situation.  They’ve been driving for these companies for

Can Competitors Stay Cheaper than Uber?

In a few short years, many people have gone from being amazed by the awesomeness that is ridesharing to quickly focusing on how it can be improved.  Surge pricing is too expensive, driver ratings that affect someone’s ability to make