Holiday Seasonal Workers are in High Demand

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Retailers are very optimistic about the 2016 holiday season. Their plans for hiring seasonal (temporary) workers are at an all-time high. From traditional retailing jobs like cashier or shop floor helpers to back office work and warehouse shipping fulfillment, there is no better time to find part-time or temporary work.

For 2016, here are some hiring numbers from some major retailers:

Amazon: Hiring over 120,000 seasonal workers in the US. A 20% increase from last year. (More then 14,000 of these workers from last year transitioned to full time roles!)

Target: Hiring over 70,000 holiday store workers. Another 7,500 workers for its distribution and fulfillment centers (to service its e-commerce customers).

Kohl’s: 69,000 workers across US stores and distribution centers.

JC Penny: 40,000 workers for stores and online fulfillment.

Toys R Us: New York (4,500), Los Angeles (2,700), Philadelphia (1,500), Chicago (1,200) and Washington DC (1,000).

Macy’s: Hiring 83,000 seasonal associates (across stores, call centers and distribution/fulfillment centers)

Party City: Looking for 35,000 workers (Halloween is a busy time)

And non retailers are hiring too. UPS have openings for 95,000 workers and FedEx have 50,000 openings!

Time to start earning some extra cash this holiday season.  Find a job.

(What about Walmart? They have not released any numbers, but in 2015, they hired 60,000 seasonal workers. All expectations are that it should at least remain the same if not higher.)



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