The Best Referral Bonuses for Rideshare Drivers

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Referrals are a great way to for rideshare drivers to earn additional income.  Since new people are signing up to be rideshare drivers all the time, it’s a great idea to let friends (or even strangers) know that they can use your referral code when they sign-up.  This way, you both get extra cash after they complete the required number of rides.  It’s a win-win and all you have to do is give people your referral code.

Each ridesharing company has their own referral program, and the amounts offered sometimes depend on your market.  Make sure you double check the amount offered in your market with your local support team.

Here are some of the current promotions being offered for referring new drivers:

  • Uber – Use your referral code to refer new drivers to Uber and earn up to $300 when the driver completes 20 trips.  This amount may vary depending on your market and may change over time.  Uber doesn’t have a master list of referral amounts for every market, so check with your local support staff to get the most current information
  • Uber for rideshare drivers of other platforms – If you refer a driver to Uber that is currently driving for another platform such as Lyft or Sidecar, you are eligible for an even larger referral bonus.  Uber was giving out $500 for these referrals but recently reduced this amount to $300.  Again, this may depend on your local market.
  • Lyft – Lyft posts a list here of the referral amounts offered in various local markets.  The referral amounts range from $50 to $1,000.  The ride requirements are strict: the new rider must complete between 30 and 100 rides within their first 30 days in order for referral bonus to be awarded.  Some markets also only reward a limited number of referral bonuses, while other markets appear to have no referrals bonuses at all.  Contact Lyft support to find out what the current referral bonuses in your local market are.
  • Sidecar – Sidecar’s referral program is simple: refer a friend to be a driver and you both get $100 after they complete their 10th ride.
  • Dispatcher – Earn $50 for each friend you refer that applies to and complete at least one on-demand job through Dispatcher. 

The added bonus of referring friends through Dispatcher is that we also make it easy for you to earn referral bonuses directly from multiple companies at once.  Simply follow this process:

  1. Input your referral codes from Uber, Lyft or other companies into the referrals tab in the Dispatcher app.
  2. Refer your friends to Dispatcher and earn $50 when they apply to one or more companies through the app and complete a job.
  3. When your friends apply to a company where you have an existing referral code, Dispatcher will automatically apply your code to their application.

Not only to you get the $50 bonus when your friends apply through Dispatcher, but you also get bonuses directly from the companies where you have existing referral codes, so you could earn multiple bonuses from each friend you refer to Dispatcher!

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