Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes Made When Applying For Jobs

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Here at Jobs Now, we see many job applications on a daily basis. The job market for part-time and casual work is very competitive (much more then for full time positions). A typical posting can attract hundreds of applicants and it is very easy for an employer to skip potential hires due to time and resource constraints. So it is extremely important for an applicant to reduce the effort required by the employer to make the right evaluation.

Here are some common mistakes that we’ve seen on a regular basis and tips on how to avoid it.

First Impression Counts

Casual or part-time work does not mean an employer’s expectations are any different to a full-time position. Communication with the potential employer should be professional and treated with respect.

Some bad real life examples:

“Where is this job at?”

“How much do you paid?”

“I am interested, please call me”

“I will be great at this job. How do I apply?”

Avoid use of casual language terms and check all spellings. The employer may have multiple job postings, so state clearly the position you are applying for.

Follow Application Instructions

Due to expected volume of applications, many job postings uses a standard application process to ensure the correct information are provided and candidates are treated fairly. It would be fair to say that 99% of candidates that do not follow the application process will be ignored (either because the employer did not get to see the information submitted or it is a clear signal to the employer that the candidate cannot follow instructions).

If a job posting clearly says ‘Apply Here’ – use it!

Contact Details

Provide all the different ways an interested employer may contact you. We have seen many cases where email are missing or a landline number is provided for SMS communication.

At the minimum, provide:

  • Home address
  • Email
  • Phone (ideally, a mobile number, where the employer can call or text)


If an employer requested a resume, make sure it is in a common format like PDF or a text document. Sending a photo or an image is not a good idea as most employer do not have system that can process images. It can also signal to an employer that you rushed the application.

Applying To Multiple Companies

When applying to multiple companies, make sure the application is specific to the employer.

Some bad examples:

  • An email to one employer being forwarded multiple times to different employers
  • A generic message that is not applicable to the job. For example, applying to a retail job with message about warehouse experience

Work Experiences

Provide detailed work experiences with dates. List your responsibilities. Work experience rank highly in an employer’s decision. So ensure you provide as much information as possible and spell check!

Some recent bad examples we’ve seen:

“Pack, stock, take inventory, you name it.” (Too casual.)

“package and ship coffee” (Need to provide more details. Did shipping the coffee required checking invoices and pulling orders?)

“Strong work ethic ” (Need to provide examples of strong work ethic. For example, took on extra responsibilities.)


The Jobs Now app will help to reduce some of the common mistakes mentioned but to ensure the best chances of being selected for a job, a candidate should ensure they provide detailed information and a professional first impression.



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